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Replica Omega Seamaster Watch: James Bond New Watch

Our Replica Omega Seamaster watch is built to be exact recreations of the original models – with excellent materials, with excellent craftsmanship, with excellent styles. Now as famous as the Rolex Submariner or any other luxury model, the Seamaster has become the signature James Bond watch, replacing the Submariner as the 007 watches of choice.

In 1995 the Omega Seamaster became the official James Bond watch, as it was worn by Pierce Brosnan in the film GoldenEye. Daniel Craig has also sported a Seamaster, the Planet Ocean, in both of the latest Bond films, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. We have developed a replica watch to match the various version of the Seamaster introduced by Omega throughout the years. These replica watches strive to reach the same great heights as the originals. So browse away our new Replica Omega Seamaster watches Selection.


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